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corner detail of Kat's quilt, showing one of four willow trees
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Quilts and Pillows
Bring a touch of playful spirituality to your home with
Goddess Pillows and Quilts!

Autumnal Blessings Quilt

Kat's Winter Quilt with cool batiks and teal Goddesses

Quilting, for me, is an example of a typical Womanly Art, one that is both creative and functional.
Artwork that keeps your family warm!

Silver Moon Goddess Quilt

Quilted Autumnal Wallhanging

13 Moon Goddess Quilt

Nikoal's African Queen Quilt, featuring Mawu, Minona, Ala, Yemaya, Inksazana, and Dziva!

Nika's Twilight quilt

How cute is this Norse quilt, with Frigga, Odin, Thor, and the Norns surrounded by runes?

Goddesses and flowers

The Gods' Protection Quilt and Matching Pillow

Goddess Pillows

As with the other embroidered gifts, you can chose the designs.

These are the Mama Goddess Pillows, with four Mama images, two on each side (Gaia, Amalthea, Demeter, Asherah). You choose the color scheme!

All images and designs copyright Kelli Cymraes Lincoln 2003 -  2010


Quilt prices are based on a per-square-foot basis. Contact me for an approximate pricing guide.